The Steno Doctor

​"The Doctor Who Cares About the Health of Your Steno Machine"

Call Today:  714-937-5457

​Stenograph Student Writers:  $199

Stentura Protégé, Elan Cybra Student, Stentura 200/200SRT, Stentura 400/400SRT, StenoLectric, Stenograph Manual Machine

Xscribe Writers:  $279

Xscribe StenoRam II, Xscribe StenoRam III, Xscribe StenoRam III+, Xscribe Ultra

The Steno Doctor

2328 N. Batavia Street

Suite 108

Orange, CA  92865

​ProCat Writers:  $279 - $299

ProCat FlashWriter:  $279

ProCat Stylus I and Stylus II:  $299

Diamante:  $299

Other Stenograph Professional Writers:  $279

Elan Mira, Elan Mira G2, Elan Mira A3, Stentura Fusion,

Stentura 8000/8000LX, Stentura 6000/6000LX, Elan Cybra Pro, SmartWriter, Stentura 500

No need to buy a new machine.

The Steno Doctor can keep your older writer running until you're ready to retire!

Call Today:  714-937-5457

​Need steno supplies?

Services Price List:  Prices are for a complete cleaning/overhaul/refurbishment. 

​A new battery or any repairs would be an additional charge.  Shipping charges are extra, too.

​Prices subject to change.  Prices effective 2/01/2016.

The Neutrino Group:  $299

Revolution Grand, Infinity Traditional, Infinity Ergonomic

​Baron, etc.  $279

Baron Transcriptor TX