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Your career depends upon a smooth-running machine. A major investment has been made in your machine and it deserves the best possible care.

    The Steno-Doctor is a specialist in computer machines, and functions as a complete service center for all aspects of repair: from preventative machine-cleaning maintenance to printed circuit-board repair.
ASP for Stenograph
    The Steno Doctor is equipped with the latest test equipment to diagnose, repair and test your machine. We perform all repairs at the component level, and each machine is checked by a Quality Control Technician after all the work is complete.


Machine Overhaul and Cleaning
Optional 24-hour Service
Free Estimates
Complete Electronic Repair
Battery Replacement
Wide Key Modifications
Emergency Repairs Available
Main Board Replacement
Disc Drive Replacement
Free Technical Support

    Our repair technicians have been factory-trained by and at the Stenograph Corporation to repair all of the Stenograph machines that are in use today.

    The Steno Doctor has also been factory-trained by Xscribe, ProCAT and The Neutrino Group and is an Authorized Service Provider.

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Authorized Service Provider for
Stenograph, Xscribe, ProCAT and The Neutrino Group
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