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Frequently Asked Questions (and answers)

    What is the difference between a machine overhaul and a refurbishment?
    Nothing! Stenograph uses the term refurbishment, we use the term overhaul. (Top of page)
    What is included in an overhaul?
    1.) All of the user settings are recorded so that the machine will be reassembled as close as possible to the owner's custom settings.
    2.) The machine is completely disassembled.
    3.) The machine is chemically cleaned using the same solvents as Stenograph uses.
    4.) The Stop Pads are replaced.
    5.) The Universal bar Pad is replaced.
    6.) The Bank Bar Pad is replaced.
    7.) All parts are checked for excessive wear.
    8.) The Toggle Roller is replaced. If it fails specification criteria, it is replaced at no additional charge
    9.) The Platen is reconditioned. If it fails specification criteria, it is replaced at no additional charge.
    10.) The machine is reassembled and all mechanical parts are greased and lubricated to specification.
    11.) The factory settings are verified and adjustments are performed as necessary.
    12.) The ribbon is replaced.
    13.) Adjustments are performed on all electronic components, including the contact assembly and switches.
    14.) All motor gears are aligned to specifications and checked for proper operation.
    15.) A complete diagnostics is performed to check computer interface (real-time), battery charging operations, electronic operations, and proper disk drive operation is verified.
    16.) The machine casing is cleaned and the key tops are polished. (Top of page)
    Why is The Steno Doctor less expensive than other repair facilities?
    1.) We do a large volume of repairs, and our overhead is low.
    2.) We do not replace the batteries unless we determine that they are in need of replacement, and the customer approves the work.
    3.) We are able to keep the prices down because the only service we offer is Steno Machine repair and refurbishment.
    4.) The Steno Doctor has always offered the best quality work for the lowest prices. (Top of page)
    What is the guarantee?
    We offer an unconditional 90-day guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with the work we perform on your writer. (Top of page)
    How long have you been working on machines?
    Our technicians have over 35 years collective experience working on steno machines. (Top of page)
    What is the turnaround time?
    Our normal turnaround is 3- 4 days (not counting shipping days). Please call us first so that we can schedule your service. Turnaround time may increase without a scheduled appointment. 
    We do offer a 24 hour turnaround for an additional $50.00. (Top of page)
    Are Saturdays and Sundays included in the 3-day turnaround?
    No, only for 24 hour turnaround requests. (Top of page)
    What does it cost to return the machine to me?
    Next day Federal Express - Standard Overnight is $69.00
    Second day Federal Express - $49.00. Shipping prices are subject to increase - please call us to discuss delivery options.
    While we strive to continue offering competitive prices for shipping charges, FedEX has continually raised shipping charges due to the constant rise in gas prices, which regrettably has caused us to raise shipping charges.
    (Within California--as well as certain parts of Nevada and Arizona--we can ship using Fedex Ground/Home Delivery for only $25, which takes 1 - 2 days, depending on your location.)
    (Top of page)
    Why do you use Federal Express?
    We have found over the years that Federal Express handles the machines with the best of care. Although it costs a little more, we very seldom have any problems with Federal Express. (Top of page)
    Is my machine insured during shipment?
    We provide all the necessary insurances required to cover any damage or loss in the unlikely event it is required. (Top of page)
    Is the insurance included in the shipping cost?
    Yes. (Top of page)
    Can you ship my machine using my own account number?
    Yes, Federal Express, UPS, or Airborne Express. (Top of page)
    Do you ship the machines via U.S. Mail?
    No, the packages cannot be picked up by the carrier because of new mail restrictions resulting from mail bombs. (Top of page)
    Are you authorized by Stenograph, Xscribe and ProCAT, and The Neutrino Group?
    Yes, factory trained, authorized and certified. (Top of page)
    Do you charge for estimates?
    No. Estimates are always free. (Top of page)
    Will parts be available for much longer?
    Stenograph has discontinued selling all the parts for the Smartwriter, Ram II, Ram III, Baron Transcriptor, Stenolectric and Manual machines. However, we bought all of the parts available from Stenograph and have a supply, which should last for several years to come. (Top of page)
    Do you repair the boards, or replace them?
    In most cases, we can repair the circuit boards. There are some instances where the board needs to be replaced, but very seldom. (Top of page)
    Do you have the batteries for the writers?
    Yes, we carry all the batteries for all the machines. (Top of page)
    Do you have chargers for the machines?
    Yes, we carry all of the chargers for all of the machines. And, they are on sale now at our secure online store (Top of page)

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